Ejects is an exploration of the intersection of vintage technology and future fashion. 

It all started with the long forgotten forms of media like mini cassettes and mini disks. They had a brief moment of fame before being replaced by their better, faster, cheaper counterparts.  But they were beautiful. For what they were.

This media storage's 15 minutes in the spotlight represented the high speed of technology and innovation of the 80’s and 90’s and fueled the “FU DAD” mentality of the kids that grew up longside it.  The founders of ejects  got a glimpse of them in their hay day.  Now those kids have grown up.   

In the summer of 2015, Gabby Lovazzano and Adam Mork started making cyperpunk jewelry using neon acrylic, bold chains,  metal mini disks, and plastic mini cassettes. They wore them out to the clubs and on the streets of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York,   and pretty soon everyone wanted a piece. Each item is 100% unique - made from vintage technology, lazer cut attachments and lots of love. If you happen to be at TechShop late on a Tuesday night you might just catch a glimpse of the huge sheets of bright pink plastic being heat formed into sun glasses, or body chairs, or bike charms.  No two items are the same and that's part of the fun.

Gabby is a stylist in every way, Expert in neon, pastel and undercut hair styling, she is sought out for her incredible eye for color, personality and style which naturally bleeds into her talent for makeup and clothing.  Adam is a musician and computer scientist. He has been building his own computers with blacklight backlight and grills since he was 14 and listening to electronic music since the hay day of the 90's. He is a true creature of all things beats, electronics, anime, and bikes. 

Just like the jewelry, every person that wears an Ejects item is unique. As soon as you have your Ejects Collectable, you become part of the club, kid. In 2017, Ejects announced DigiMix which allows for every collectable to be coded to you. Keep that code handy and see what it might unlock for you in the future...